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A Better World is proud to announce a new fund dedicated to the support of all expectant mothers who need assistance. This fund is being made possible by the generosity of an anonymous donor in honor and memory of Doris M. Erickson. Doris led a life dedicated to motherhood and there is no better way to honor this outstanding woman.

The Doris M. Erickson Fund will enable A Better World to provide  important pre natal, family and post natal counseling in addition to financial aid and support.  The Doris M. Erickson Fund will give help and hope especially to those mothers faced with the difficult challenges that come with unexpected pregnancy. 

Please join in this important mission by making a tax deductible donation to ABW earmarked for The Doris M. Erickson Motherhood Fund. 

Guiding principles of the Fund

- Use at discretion of the Ex Director, ABW
- Quarterly accounting
- Use of funds – solely for support of expectant mothers.
- Appropriate uses:
- Food, shelter, clothing needs of expectant mothers
- Counseling for expectant mothers limited to adoption or other services.
- Food, shelter, clothing for new mothers in need
- Ancillary expenses for all of the above – ABW staff time, expenses in providing any of these services

Doris M. Erickson Fund: Welcome
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