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Getting Started: Services
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The Process of Adoption

Your first step is to contact A Better World.  We can then set up a time to discuss the options available to you.  This meeting is confidential, free and puts you under no obligation.  We will answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have. 

Next, you will fill out our registration form, and application. You will also begin to gather the necessary documents needed for your Home Study.

The Home Study is needed for any type of adoption.  It involves interviews with you as well as a visit to your home to ensure that is safe for a child.  We then review the documents you have gathered along with your background clearances and make an assessment as to your suitability as pre-adoptive parents.

Once you have your approved homestudy, you're ready to take the next steps.  Whether you have decided on a Domestic or International Adoption, A Better World is here to help you.

We will help you create an adoption profile and letter to be shown to birth families.  

A Better World will be here to guide you through matching process, placement and finalization.

We offer post placement services and counselling.  We are here for you.  Adoption can be emotional for you and the birth family. A Better World strives to ensure that everyone's needs are met.

Getting Started: Activities
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